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Bluegrass Banjo from All Sides - Information on the book, and more

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I am proud that Mel Bay has published my first banjo instruction book, Bluegrass Banjo from All Sides. The book was released in September 2012 and is available directly from Mel Bay, from, and from a number of fine brick-and-mortar and online music stores.

This page will be updated
continually with information about the book and additional lessons based on the tunes and ideas presented in the book. Watch this space for more cool banjo stuff!

Book corrections

Bluegrass Banjo from All Sides is in its first printing, which has its inevitable errors. These will be corrected in the second printing, but for people who have already bought the book, here is a list of the corrections that will be incorporated into that book. I apologize for the need to make corrections to a published book, but I also appreciate those of you who have already bought the book.

If you already have the book, you can make a difference to the quality of the next printing. If you find something that is not in the corrections list but that you believe is an error, please send it to me. If your correction makes it into the book, I'll send you a free track from my upcoming CD.

Bonus lessons

This page will present lessons that extend topics covered in the book, or too long and involved for the book, or unrelated to the theme of the book. In other words, I'll be presenting anything I think is interesting and helpful for people learning the banjo. I hope to make these bonus lessons a monthly event. We're starting off with a lesson on how to decide what notes to emphasize in a bluegrass banjo break.

June 2013, Bonus lesson 1: How coloring can make you a better banjo player

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