John Chambers keynote (Cisco), 11/12/01

The race to profits, cash flow, productivity


Applications are key – enterprise to desktop


Speed is important, combined with culture, strong brand, talent that determines corporate destiny


Network of networks to tie everything together


How to develop culture and infrastructure that adapts to change – mobility, etc?


Early 90s – survival, new revenue streams, productivity.


Now – change lives, health care, education – but fundamentally cash flow and profits.


1997 trends: things to watch over the next decade

Consolidation of data networking companies

All in one data/voice/video networks

Consolidation of telecommunications companies

Voice will be free – small part of network bandwidth

Collision between and consolidation of data/voice companies

Everything above a certain price point will be connected.


Almost all done within four years. Alternation between optimism and pessimism.


Atg base – Qos, mobility, security. Future: Wave of applications within applications for increased productivity.


Transparent corporation – one organization across the world with suppliers, partners as part of the transparency.


Brand identity is critical – you may not like them, but the leading companies have strong brands.


Good transitions are easy – it’s how you handle the tough ones. You gain or lose more market share during the tough times than any other.


Mobile – virtual network organization. He can run the company from anywhere in the world with the right connection. Mobility provides flexibility.


Starwood – connecting to HQ, all properties, suppliers, entertainment centers, service provider centers, individual rooms for mobile office (consolidate all networks to eliminate duplication) – tie them together in a common IP network.


Demo – Jim Grubb – “Chief Demonstration Officer”


Coffee shop looks a lot like Starbucks.


802.11b wireless card connected to Wayport – wireless ISP in airports, hotels, coffee shops, other public spaces.


Public web pages are easy, but how to connect to corporate intranet?


Cisco VPN client software – encrypted tunnel across network – log in to establish individual identity on intranet.


Cisco IP Softphone – software version of VoIP phone that Cisco sells. Tied to office phone, rings if office phone rings, allows work anywhere.


HDTV on screen – Cisco content engine, content delivery network so central office can send promotions and content to branch offices or stores.


eLearning on the fly – network based recipes on POS-style screen.


Vtronics – “wireless road” – Internet from the car – GPS. Food key searches for 802.11 hotspot in area to find restaurant with high speed connection. If the restaurant knows you, you can order your regular with one button click. Also presents a POS-style menu, with upsells – offer to upload an MP3 file to the car radio.


Car’s “Service soon” light – alert – front brake pads are warn – provides nearby service locations and prices – make the appointment.


Internet capable jukebox demo – eCast is content service provider – download songs via DSL connection.


Paid browsing – charged per URL


Website for car – can control car (lock doors, roll up windows, start car, turn on heat) from Web page. Can control from iPaq web browser.