Kunitake Ando keynote (Sony COO) – 11/12/01


PC centric environment works in office, but source of frustration at home. Shift to network AV/IT concept.


Microsoft Windows XP complements this concept.


Playstation, mobile phone products, video games are also steps. Access the net through a variety of connections. But each device remains separate, and UIs can be vastly improved.


Ubiquitous “value” network – UVN – PC and consumer electronic devices connect seamlessly to each other and the network – home, car, elsewhere.


IPv6 is crucial – can put IP address on every electronic device. Sony will do that.


UVN extends Sony’s strategy – vast improvement over narrowband connectivity.


Video – connectivity between everything. Send maps to glasses, email to watch. Even earring is connected. Drag and drop transfers any data to any device.


Demo – easy navigation through home network.


GigaPocket for Vaio – select, record, organize programs for playback. Links TV to Vaio to create TiVo-type product.


Playstation – online gaming – head to head online gaming via Internet.


Playstation 2 for HDTV – can play back HDTV content on standard TV.


Rights management – contents are fully protected.


Wireless home audio player


AirBoard – convergent PC and TV – tablet format, fully portable – HDTV, Internet access, touch screen, printer on base station.


Managing collection of music, games, movies – terabyte of storage on a tower-sized device.


Screenblast – network-based video editor for the home.


New Handycam with Bluetooth and wireless Internet capability


Clie handheld PC, networked Walkman


Cell phone – Sony/Ericsson joint venture – create new cell phone.


Percas TV – anyone can be a broadcaster.


Aibo with a video camera built in.


Lame visit by stars of Spiderman movie.


FEEL user interface – this is the drag and drop interface shown in the other video. Connect nearby devices by touching them, they appear on each other’s screens or establish other manipulation tools. Once established, transfer via Bluetooth, 802.11 or other method. Proximity connection.


UVN – true value only experienced when boundaries between hardware from different companies, different OSs are supported. Announcing partnerships: AOL/Time Warner – PlayStation, open global networking environment – consumer broadband experiences. Home networking gateway technology.


Steve Case (by satellite) – broadband data delivery to any device, like electricity. Too difficult now for consumers to connect phones, computers, audio/video equipment. Nobody should have to be a systems integrator to make convergence work in the home. Make connectivity as simple as plugging in a toaster. Synergy - Network services and consumer electronics. Delivery platform and content. (Each company gets to play to its strengths and backfill its weaknesses. Plus, the combined content of Sony Entertainment and Time Warner should be hard to beat.)


Nokia alliance – develop open standards for messaging, UI, DRM, content download formats. (Will the Sony/Ericsson partnership produce compatible phones?)


Yahoo! Alliance


Final demo – watch with video screen and camera – Dick Tracy lives.


Move phone call from watch to laptop screen by moving them close together.


Finale – a musical number by Angelique Kidjo (Sony Music recording artist)