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Here is a quick index of the resources available on the Web from companies whose products we use. This is by no means complete, but it may beat doing your own hunting. If you find any other sites that would be useful to the group, mail the URLs to me and I'll add them to the list.

Quick index

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File Libraries

Computer Hope
A site to find those ancient drivers for cards from companies that no longer exist. Not complete, but far better than nothing.
Another site for obsolete drivers, this one in Spanish.
Dave Central
A more recent freeware and shareware site. Includes Linux.
The first place to find out about new browsers or developments in the current products
Shase- the Virtual Shareware Library
Searchable index of just about every Internet software repository.
Oak.Oakland repository
Primary location for Simtel file archives for MS-DOS and Windows.
Digital's public file server. If it's not at Oakland, it's probably here.
Stroud's Winsock Apps Page
Outstanding directory of Windows Internet software.
Walnut Creek CD-ROM
One of the premier sites in the world for shareware.
McAfee virus software FTP site
Distribution point for McAfee SCAN software.
... and a link to their virus information library.
WinSite (formerly CICA)
The new successor to the grandaddy of Internet software archives.
A new service for shareware distribution, related to the VSL. Nice Netscape 2.0 page, too.
Interface Technology Online Training Center
Interesting collection of online tutorials and FAQs on subjects from Windows NT to Java and Perl.
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PC Magazine
PC Magazine. Most of magazine's content, some free software, lots of advice.
PC Week
PC Week's web site is a reasonable subset and archive of the magazine.
Byte Magazine
Byte Magazine's main home page.
Unofficial electronic newsletter regarding Sun computer issues.
CMP Publications
Home page for CMP, publisher of Communications Week, Information Week, Computer Reseller News, others.
MacWorld Magazine
Macworld's interactive magazine.
Computerworld's home page. The site also contains a searchable index into CW articles.
The Nando Times
Outstanding, free news service with good technology news representation.
USA Today
General interest news, but occasionally some technology interest.
NPR audio archives
Current and old NPR broadcasts in RealAudio format.
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Microsoft Home Page
Jumping-off point for Microsoft news and information
Microsoft Knowledge Base and Support (searchable)
Front end to knowledge base and other Microsoft support services.
Windows updates
Automatic product updates for Windows.
Office updates
Optional downloads for Microsoft Office, with a link to the automated product update page.
Support phone numbers
Document contains telephone numbers for Microsoft and hardware OEM support services. Valuable list.
Windows News
Latest Microsoft press releases about Windows 95 and other products.
Software and Hardware Compatibility Lists
Current compatibility lists for Win95, NT 3.51 and 4.0 workstation and server.
VServers Inc. Windows 95 Information page
Excellent content, nicely presented and complete with music. Not Microsoft sponsored, but how did they get that URL?
Dylan Greene's Win95 Info Page
Another good compilation, including links to many other Win95 pages.
Windows 95 Annoyances
Private page with lots of good Win95 workarounds. Not a Microsoft-bashing forum.
Ziff-Davis Windows device driver library
Good general pointer to device drivers for Windows 95 and NT. Database is incomplete and out of date in spots, but useful when it points to something that's actually there.
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Compaq's graphics-based home page
Imagemap directory into Compaq services
Compaq's downloadable files
The place to go to pick up new printer and system drivers.
Frequently asked questions list
Pick the system type, then use text search (Ctrl-F) to look for key words in the question.
Keyword search of Compaq's entire area
Look things up quickly, if you know just what you're looking for.
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Novell's home page
Entry point for Novell services.
Text version of Novell's home page
The text equivalent of the above.
Novell Tech Support home page
Main page for Novell tech services.
Novell's tech support database
Searchable archive of technical documents.
Novell files, patches and drivers.
Novell's searchable file archive.
Netware software gopher
Network software only. Does not include WP and other applications.
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Lotus' Home Page
Lotus' entry point. Very little content here for products other than Notes.
Lotus Notes information directory
Pointers to sites with Notes-relevant information.
Lotus strategy and PR documents
Lotus' corporate communications directory.
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Apple's general home page
Access to Apple's PR, the Apple store, and other non-technical goodies.
Apple's tech home page
Main entry point into Apple's WWW services.
Apple software updates
Temporary location for Apple software updates. Not the main Apple FTP site.
Full Apple software FTP site
More complete software library than the above. Covers all Apple products.
Apple Tech Support home page
Main entry point for Apple tech support. Points to specific support areas.
Apple Tech Info Library
Searchable index of Apple technical documents.
Apple Publishing web page
Applications and info for publishing on the Internet.
Apple news and press releases
News about the company and products.
Sergio Salvatore's Mac Home Page
A good private page that points to other good Mac sites.
A page of news bulletins, mostly about the Macintosh OS.
The MacinStuff Times
Mac-related news and features.
O'Grady's PowerPage
Mac-related news, from a personal point of view.
The Macintosh Resource Page
Another personal Mac page.
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IBM Products, Services and Support
Entry point to IBM's support pages.
IBM PC file library
Searchable index to all IBM PC-related files.
IBM ThinkPad Support
IBM's links to ThinkPad-specific services and files, including a very nicely done table of upgrade diskettes.
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Unix Guru Universe
Master index into almost everything worth knowing about Unix.
A few commands
Tenuous as they are, there are clues here. FAQ
A few more clues.
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DEC's home page
Entry point to DEC. Page is convoluted, but complete.
DEC's text-based home page
Text based version of the above.
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Toshiba's home page.
High level entry point to all of Toshiba America's web pages.
Toshiba's tech support page
Link to drivers and utilities for most Toshiba computers.
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3Com's home page
Entry point to 3Com.
Adapter library
Patches and upgrades to 3Com network controller cards.
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Psion's home page
Psion keeps a good directory to what the rest of the world's doing with their computers.
Mirror directory
Pretty complete list of links to Psion software archives and discussion groups.
Psion Tech Support
Includes a company sponsored FAQ.
Psion user group guest page
Psion-related Web chat.
Dirk-Willem van Gulik's Psion Links page
Excellent compilation of info by a dedicated Psion user.
Imperial College repository
European file server. Some unusual files including Psion archives.
Psion archives
Unofficial repository, but best site with free access for Psion programs and support.
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HTML references

Index to HTML references
Netscape's pointer page to HTML 2.0 and 3.0 documentation, along with style and development references.
RGB color chart
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Other company sites

Sun Microsystems
Everything you wanted to know about Sun products.
Intel Corporation
Good resource for both general and Intel-specific technical documents.
Home of Zip, Ditto and Jaz drives. Bring your stuff.
Creative Labs
The SoundBlaster people.
Stac Electronics home page
Technical papers, knowledge base, support software for Stacker.
Hewlett Packard product information.
InterCon and InterCon tech support
Info on InterCon's Macintosh line of Internet products - and weather reports for Washington, DC!
Silicon Graphics (SGI)
Info on SGI equipment and software, along with the web's best Java demos.
Sony Electronics
Support for Sony computer products - CD-ROMs, MagicLink, others
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Useful Index sites vendor index
Searchable list of computer companies, with phone numbers and addresses. Also FTP sites, Usenet lists, and other things you'll need.
Computer support phone numbers
Comprehensive list of computer company support phone numbers.
Company index
Comprehensive index of links to computer company Web pages.
Modem resource page
Private page with links to modem FAQs and modem company Web pages.
PC Pinouts
Pinouts for all the connectors on a PC. You don't often need this stuff, but when you do, you really do.
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